Project Graduation Parent Meeting

Minutes for 10/29/2020 Meeting

In attendance via Zoom Meeting 10/29/2020 were:

(Board Members): Teddy Capeles (Pres.), Joan Capeles, Cindy Weinfeld, Glennis Porter (Treasurer), Kay Steyer, Lisa Wilson (Secretary), Heather Romanelli,

(Parents): Stacey DePersia, Sabrina, Janie, Wes

  • Treasurer’s Report – Current balance in Bank $4807.32. Approved by all. 
  • President – Teddy spoke, due to these pandemic times, the party night in May 2021, is not certain yet. We will continue to try and raise money for that night.  The meetings will continue online via Zoom until further notice. The meetings are usually held the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7pm. Please share the meeting info from Facebook posts (“LBHS Project Graduation”), or feel free to email projgradlbhs@yahoo.com with your email to get notified.

Fundraiser discussions – Kay says she’ll check if the Legion is open for future Quarter Auctions.

Wes will check into the Applebee’s Pancake breakfast fundraiser as far as dates perhaps in February 2021. Janie brought up speaking with local restaurants. Wes says he’ll see if Farlows would do something like that – donating a percentage of the meal to Project Graduation. In conversation, we came up with an idea like “Lets Eat Englewood”. Kay will speak to a couple restaurants to see if they would participate in something like this.

We have not sent the local businesses the solicitation letter yet, giving them time to recuperate from Covid-19 revenue losses. We’ll wait until the first of the new year to send them out.

Meeting adjourned 8p.m.

Next Parent meeting: 11/12/20 @7:00p.m. via ZOOM