COVID-19 UPDATES 4/27/2020

We hope that everyone is well, healthy and safe.

Since the decision was made/announced Saturday 04/18/2020 by the School District, we want to update and clear up any questions that may be out there. We thank everyone for their patience during this difficult time. We were waiting for this decision in order to move forward. 

(1) First the question about yard signs. Every senior will receive a lawn sign as a gift. (They will not be personalized.) This is possible thanks to the partnership with the Chamber and LBHS. Distribution will be determined at a later time when the order is ready. Additional signs may be purchased if anyone is interested. The link can be found on our website. The signs are $8.50 for plain and $11.50 for personalized. There is no limit on how many you may purchase. The deadline is May 1st for all orders and payments.

(2) In regards to the question why the event will not be rescheduled for a later date. As stated previously, our event is solely funded by fundraisers, local business donations (both monetary and food). Due to the unexpected circumstances and hardships our community has endured, they are unable to donate as they have in the past. Also a lot of those same suffering businesses, despite their hardships, have given unselfishly to our Medical Community and First Responders. As far as our fundraisers, due to lack of participation and volunteers, our gain from the fundraisers we were able to do (Quarter Auction, Applebee’s Breakfast, Chili’s Night Out, Lottery Raffle) was minimal. The Christmas Tree Stand is usually our most profitable yearly fundraiser but it only made only roughly 30% of what it normally does and trees even had to be discarded. Which also counts as a loss. At our previous monthly parent meetings, all these items and figures were discussed. 

(3) At this time, in lieu of the party, we are coordinating with LBHS and other community organizations to celebrate and honor our seniors together as a community. Your children, our seniors, have by no means been forgotten. Volunteers and administrators have been working hard either by email, virtual meetings etc to make this year memorable despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We are currently waiting for decisions from our Governor, School board etc. to know what the guidelines will be, so we are able to plan accordingly. As soon as things are planned and finalized we will once again inform everyone.

We thank everyone for their patience. We know that the unknown is frustrating and time seems to be going so slow sitting at home, but know that we are working tirelessly for our Lemon Bay High School 2020 Seniors.

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